Ways to Strengthen Your Eyes

eyesMore and more people are using their eyes to stare at cell phones, television, computer images and small fonts. This can lead to age-related problems of the eyes as well as eye fatigue. Believe it or not, diminishing eyesight does not have to be an expected stage of long life. There are a few things you can do to strengthen your eyes and enjoy seeing the future clearly.

Use it or Lose It
When it comes to improving your eyesight, the simple rule is really to use it or start losing it. Use all the eye muscles you have. Take five minutes a day and consistently focus on moving your eyes in every direction. Also take a daily note of when your eyes may be overused and balance this with relaxation. In other words, if you are doing one task for long stretches, alternate with other tasks that use your eyes differently. One example is reading for long periods and intermittently taking a short walk to change the task your eyes have to do.

Use Gingko Biloba
The blood flow to your eyes and overall circulation is improved with gingko biloba. You also protect yourself from macular degeneration and glaucoma. People with retinopathy have also benefited from gingko biloba.

One study claims that the coffee you love in the morning may help prevent eyesight deterioration and blindness due to diabetes, glaucoma and aging. The reason is the antioxidant called chlorogenic acid that coffee contains.

Do Eye Exercises
The muscles in your eyes become more flexible when you do eye exercises. Your eyes get the necessary blood flow and energy for optimum eyesight. When you do exercises for the eyes on a regular basis, you prevent eye strain and help improve concentration and focus.

sleepingwomanSleep for Stronger Eyes
Giving your eyes some rest and recreation is one way to strengthen them. Allow your eyes to fully rest by getting some sleep. This is essential for the health of your eyes and helps them to recover, repair and truly become restored. Your vision becomes weaker when you don’t get enough sleep. It is a good idea to get a full eight hours of sleep for your overall health, not just your eyes.

Eggs for Stronger Eyes
One healthy method of beginning your day is to eat eggs packed in protein. These provide omega threes, vitamin E and lutein. These are great vitamins for your eyes and for your entire body as well.

Teabags and Cucumbersb24574274e17116fcecf7c9f78011eb1
During the weekday when you are hard at work, make sure you give your eyes a break in between by staring at far objects and near objects alternately. If your eyes are exhausted, cucumbers or a pair of tea bags might help.

Your Environment
Poor vision is a result of environmental factors like swimming pool chlorine, allergens, computer screens and fluorescent lights. These can also include constant all-day eye rubbing, reading in dim light, heating and air conditioning. Plus, optic pressure is increased when you smoke which can also result in other damaging consequences. Change your environment to support stronger and healthier eyesight.

Omega Threes
Fatty acids from omega threes help improve retina nerve conduction. These reduce degeneration in conditions of glaucoma and macular degeneration. Take in between fifteen hundred and three 3hundred milligrams of omega 3 for stronger eyes.

Get Regular Eye Exams
The health of your eyes depends largely on how closely you monitor their health throughout the years. Getting regular eye exams is the key to correcting your vision problems and strengthening your eyes in the process.

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