Your Eyes

eye3Your eyes may be giving away more than you know!

Your eye color can be an indicator of how well you handle your alcohol. A study from Georgia University found those with a lighter eye color (blue, green, grey or hazel) took their drink better than those people with darker eye color.

People that lean to the left of the political spectrum will follow ‘eye cues’ more readily than conservatives. So if you are talking to a liberal, it is likely they will trace your gaze should your eyes stray from theirs.

Eye contact during flirting can take a variety of different forms including a momentary gaze at your prospective partner’s mouth, an uncontrollable dilation of the pupils and can even go as far as you unconsciously mimicking the other person’s blinking pattern.

If you are not sure whether to trust someone, look into their eyes. If they look upwards and slightly to your left, then it’s most likely they are not being honest. If they are remembering information, they will be looking the other way.

Since starting to read this you’ve blinked six times. On average most adults tend to blink once every 5 seconds, which adds up to an exhausting 6.5 million times a year! The muscle that controls this movement is the fastest in the human body.

Your eyes can distinguish between a startling array of colors and can detect up to 10 million different tones. Amazingly, how you see colors can affect many aspects of your life, and even your food and drink can taste different depending on what color you interpret it to be.

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