7 Symptoms Associated with Using Digital Devices

dr_bold_phoneDo you suffer from the following complaints or symptoms associated with the use of your digital devices?
1. Dry eye
2. Red eye
3. Neck and back pain
4. Headache
5. Difficulty with vision at night
6. Overall eyestrain
Eye care professionals should keep in mind the following characteristics shared by all digital devices:
• Display fonts are of pixelated origins which, along with size and serif-style, make letter recognition more difficult.
• The latest LCD and LED-based displays emit or reflect disproportionate amounts of blue light, further compounding the eye’s difficulty in maintaining optimal focus and tracking.
• The frequency of the eye’s blink reflex is reduced in near tasks and combined with lower levels of indoor humidity, can compound dry eye problems and degrade subjective acuity.
• Compared to conventional printed media, digital devices place additional accommodative and vergence demands on users’ eyes.
There are several new enhancements available to address Digital Device Comfort. From enhanced single vision and tailored progressive solutions, to advanced anti-reflective coatings, Dr. Bold Ophthalmologist can tailor a solution for your optical needs.

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